Monthly Mission #1: notifications all the way

Hey there, Johannes here!

Today we are starting a new series called "monthly mission". It's inspired by the Factorio Friday Facts because they are awesome!
In this series we want to talk to you once a month about the stuff we are currently working on, give you some glimpses at future features or just share some thoughts. We try to break things down, so that everyone can understand what we are talking about. For the more serious stuff we will still have special tech-posts.
But enough of introduction, let's skip to the actual mission.

The last weeks have been a bit chaotic. We went on a trip to Hamburg to meet other startups at Hanse Ventures, which was nice (and interesting).
Daniel and Chris were pretty busy with their exams, so they couldn't spent much time on the project, but they are back now and ready to rumble.
In our next monthly mission we will hopefully be able to get a sneak preview of the iOs app and discuss some core concepts.
Simon and I spent most of our time on the topic of this MM which is all about notifications.

As it is for now, Hyphe is a very quiet app. It works just fine and does what it's supposed to do - keeping your contacts up-to-date, but it doesn't inform you about any events or changes.
We want to change that. As we kept talking about the topic, we realized that we want much more than just a simple notification on your phone. We want the whole package.
You should be able to receive notifications not only via the common smartphone systems but through emails as well. Users/Clients, which are currently active should be able to receive them directly via websockets. Last but not least should each notification occur in some sort of history where a user can see all recent events.

With this in mind, Simon and I started working on the core module and made quite some progress.

prototype setup

We can already send notifications to Android and iOs devices, store them in a history database and in different email queues (there are three queues, one for instant emails, one for each daily and weekly status updates).
The module is designed in a way that allows us to easily integrate other services (browser notifications, windows phone, ...) when the time is right and we're pretty happy about the overall outcome so far.
We may publish the code under a common license some day and make it open source if its reliant and useful in our production environment.

Currently we are designing and building multipart emails. This emails have to be parsed on runtime and can contain various entries. So far we have already a base design and our email module is able to parse this parts with different user languages.

Satan Ibrahimovic


sends you a contact request

Satan Ibrahimovic


stellt eine Kontaktanfrage

I'm pretty hyped to see the first multipart emails going out in a couple of weeks (and yes, we're discussing to allow profile pictures to be animated gifs).

We plan to finish the integration into our backend and all our clients by the middle of March.

That's it for today. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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