Monthly Mission #2: Everything is so shiny

Bling, and it's been a month! Time for our second post of the series (now we can call it that officially!). Todays topic will mainly be about the redesign of our homepage and our blog (as you can see...). But lets have a look about the other stuff which is going on first.

Our iOS department made some good progress and we are in our last month before the release. The background work here is almost done (the stuff, that syncs, stores and manages everything) and Daniel and Chris can focus on the user interface.
The notifications mentioned on the last MM are pretty much there. I am currently integrating the final setup into the backend routines to trigger them at the right times. So prepare for some neat email notifications next week.

With that out of the pipe, ill give the word to Simon to have a talk about the new designs.

Redesigning the blog

The blog was something we always wanted to change a little bit. The default theme of ghost (our blogging platform) was really plain and simple and we liked that a lot. But it had some problems with the navigation, which was only visible when you clicked on the small "hamburger" icon on the top right.

So we created a new and always visible navigation bar on the left (except for the mobile view where space is too limited). This way it is clearer that we are responsible for the blog and it is simpler to explore the other posts from here.

Homepage V2

It passed some time since the last release of our homepage and we thought – with the iOS release in mind – that it is time for a major changeover.

When we started the redesign, we thought of what we liked about our old homepage. That was the three step instruction at the beginning of the page, the "further information", and the "What you can expect in the future" section. We also liked the dark green social bar at the bottom. That would be the common ground of the old version and the new one.

Now, what were the weaknesses of the old page?

  • It is not easy to understand how Hyphe works and what it can do
  • The header section is a little bit cluttered
  • There can be more interactivity and more pages to explore
  • There is no section that focusses on the upcoming iOS app.

We started with the header: The background image had to disappear and there should be an animated illustration instead that shows how Hyphe works. The result was a plain and simple starting area.

To make it easier to understand Hyphe we decided that it would be great to have a simple feature list with simple icons next to it:

The Hyphe iOS app got a new seperate page that shows what to expect from our iOS app (which will be awesome).


We hope you will like the new blog and homepage design. We think that it's simplicity makes it clearer to understand how Hyphe works. In the coming week you can experience our new shiny homepage for yourself.

Thats it for now. What do you think of the new design approach? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Johannes & Simon

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