Monthly Mission #4: What to do with Android

With the iOs release coming it is time to talk about Android. But first lets review the last weeks and have a quick status update.

Hyphe, as for now, is a private project. We don't earn money with it and we have no funds. We thought about getting venture capital and decided to don't actively search for it. That doesn't mean, that we wouldn't take any money, but it's not our focus right now to get some.

This decision has different consequences:

  • As we need other ways to earn our money (aka taking 'normal' jobs), we won't have that much time for Hyphe. That means, progress will be slower in the future.
  • Having Hyphe as a hobby frees us from the financial burden and we can focus on the service and experience itself rather than trying to get money out of it. This should result in a more exciting app (at least we hope so) and it's way more fun to develop it.

With this in mind, we started to think about the Android version of Hyphe and the word Cross-Platform-Development came up. We are generally not a big fan of it as you always loose some quality. But in the end it seems like the best thing to do with our limited resources.

As we like new, exiting stuff, we stumbled across React Native. We already knew about React and we decided to give it a try.
React Native comes along with a bunch of good things for us:

  • Web technologies: React Native uses Javascript and HTML/CSS. As our backend is based on Node.js we would be able to write everything in one language.
  • Native modules: If there are platform specific things which aren't in the Core, we can still write elements of the app in Java/Swift and get the best of all worlds.
  • Easy to get started: React is really easy to understand. We won't need much time learning before getting started.

So here is the plan:

We will develop the Android app in React-Native. We will use most of the CSS of the web app. This should shorten development time a lot.
As soon, as that is done, we will port the web app as well as the iOs app. From this time on, we will have only one core codebase and development speed should increase a lot.

There is one more thing we would like to talk about:


Harmonized will be our first open source project. You can follow it's development on GitHub and there will be a more detailed (and technical) blog post about it next week.
Harmonized will be a state, storage and server manager for React and React-native. It's based on Mobx and keeps everything together. It will be able to store and synchronize your data while updating your views.
We are quite exited about this as it will be a big part of the Hyphe app.

As always, feel free to leave a comment. Visit us on GitHub and or follow us on twitter.

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