Monthly Mission #5: Android UI Design

Hello, Simon here this time!

It's been a rather quite month, preparing everything to start with the Android version of Hyphe. Johannes and Chris are still working on Harmonized.js, watch their progress on the GitHub repository.

I was working on the Android UI design. Today I want to give you a little sneak peek into the looks of the upcoming Hyphe Android App.

My main focus was to create a design that at the one hand has a familiar look and feel for Android users, at the other hand stands out with custom design elements, that are used across all platforms. One thing you might be familiar with is the blurred image bar with the circle shaped portrait. With the Android design I redefined the look of that element. This now looks a lot more polished. In the upcoming releases for the other platforms you will see many design changes, that were made in the Android version.

This element is used throughout the design. Because of it's transparency, the border around the circle portrait blends into the surrounding colors. This gives every contact a unique visual feel and make it more personal. This element also is used in other views such as the search.

Screens that need more description now will get small information texts that describe what to do in that screens and how to do it. When you don't need any more help you can hide them with one tap on the "X" button.

As you see in the design above, all screens where you can edit information have a white top bar with green text. This makes it more obvious in what kind of view you currently are. This also gives more focus on the content.

We are pretty excited about the new designs. As you can imagine, this is still a "Work in progress", so there are many things that can change a lot. I think we are going in the right direction with our redesign.

What are your thoughts about our new Android UI designs? Tell us im the comment section below.

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