Monthly Mission #6: Administration duties

This month was administration month as there are quite some things needed to be done.

We were lacking good monitoring for our servers and docker containers so we needed to address that. After a little research we decided to give datadog a try and we are very happy with it so far. It was very easy to setup and we now have a much better idea whats going on with our servers.

Besides that we had a look at some continuous integration and deployment tools as our deployment process isn't fully automated yet (we need to trigger build and deploy still by hand) and we want to change that in the future. We haven't setup any tool yet, but we really like circleci as it's easy to understand, has good docker support and it's cheap for small teams like us.

The last big task on our agenda was the renewing of our ssl certificate as it expired at the beginning of September. We decided to give let's encrypt a try. In one month we will know if it's worth as by this time our automatic renewing system should trigger and renew our certificates.

With all that stuff out of the way, we will know focus on harmonized again so we can start with the android app.

As always, feel free to leave a comment below.

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