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This section contains commonly asked questions and will be extended step by step.

  • I made a contact exchange but he only sees my name. Have you select the information you want to share? Navigate to the contact, click on 'edit contact' and click on the information you want to share. You see a green checkmark if an information is selected. Press 'update information' when you are done.

  • Whats the difference between my account and my information? Hyphe separates your account and your information. Your account contains everything Hyphe needs to function. Thats your email addresses with which you authenticate, your name and (optional) a profile picture, which people see if they are searching for you.
    Your information contain everything you want to share with others. These can be multiple pictures or different names (like nicknames).

  • I forgot my password. You can change your password on the following site: We will send you an email and you can change it.

  • I registered but can't find the email to verify my email. Have you looked in your spam filter?

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